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This section of the site is dedicated to providing clients and prospective clients with information with respect to Fees and Conditions and the varying therapeutic services we offer and in brief how the work and what they hope to achieve:

    • Counselling and Psychotherapy
      • Therapeutic Relationship
      • Person Centred Counselling
      • Psychotherapy
      • Dream Analysis
      • Integrative Therapy
    • Life Coaching
    • Anger and Stress Management and Resolution
    • Facilitated Groups
    • Group & Individual Training

Catchment Area
Currently we have counsellors living in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire who are within easy travelling distance for clients from, in and around Northampton, Wellingborough, Corby, Kettering, Huntingdon, Bedford, Newport Pagnell, Olney and Milton Keynes. If clients find it difficult to travel to our rooms we are happy to make arrangements to accommodate them close to their homes, however, this will be at the client’s cost. 

Fees and Conditions
TonicTalk provides privately funded Therapeutic Services. The majority of our clients are self funding choosing to give a high priority to their personal Psychological and Emotional wellbeing. As a partnership we are dedicated to providing quality affordable services and therefore consider our fee structure key to that provision.

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling and Psychotherapy are the bedrock of the Therapeutic services we offer. In brief, Counselling and Psychotherapy are ‘talking Therapies’ centred around a Therapeutic experiential relationship between client and Therapist in which the client expresses her thoughts feelings and experiences with the hope of resolving issues and concerns or improving her understanding of and relationship with herself and the world she inhabits.

Therapeutic Dream Analysis
Man has always been fascinated and puzzled by his dreams. Their variety, complexity, mystery and ‘otherworldliness’ have lead many societies both past and present to attribute dreams with special significance; prophesy, divine communication,  mystic powers and counsel. Even today in the west, people seek ‘dream interpretation’ as a form of entertainment, ‘fortune telling’, advising and the opportunity to be the centre of attention. Dream dictionaries abound in every bookshop offering the opportunity to ‘discover the hidden meaning of you dreams and what they are trying to tell you’.

However, there is a serious and scientific side to dream interpretation. Eminent Psychotherapists including Freud and Jung considered Therapeutic Dream Analysis or Dream Interpretation a key feature of Psychotherapeutic work. They believe and have reasonable proven that dreams are a symbolic form of communication from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind by which the unconscious mind returns material to the conscious mind for processing. Thus the interpretation of dreams is a means by which a client with the help of a Therapist can access ‘unconscious’ material for Therapeutic purposes.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching is not strictly a therapy. It tends to be less therapeutic and more of an intervention focussed on helping the client identify and achieve specific career and life goals. Though a collaborative effort between client and coach, a life coach focuses on direction and method to achieve goals and imparting skills and knowledge along the way. However, more often than not, for most clients the issues that prevent them from achieving goals or moving on in their lives fall outside the ‘skill set’ or training of an ordinary life coach and it is best to have a life coach that is also qualified as a talking therapist.

Anger Management and Resolution
We offer Anger Management and Resolution either as specific training or as an integral part of therapy.

As group training the course is solid and very tangible based on Humanistic and Psychoanalytic theory and delivered and designed around a group therapy model. The group itself is designed to involve all participants and utilises their personal example and experience from both within and without the room. The group is a real experience for all and one in which we do not berate or collude with behaviour but instead we support and encourage open and honest reflection and interaction between participants, and acceptance of responsibility and ownership of all thoughts, feelings and actions. We normalise and understand behaviour and its historic, Emotional and psychological causes and then seek to change the underlying causation to creating sustainable change in the participant’s psychology and resulting behaviour.

As individual training, as part of general therapy, the courses are integrated into the sessions and works much the same as group but instead of a large group there is a group of two, the therapist and the client. In such a group the client directs flow and content working on areas defined by them.

All our courses are delivered and pitched at the level of the participants avoiding unnecessarily complex concepts and jargon. However, our courses are not an ineffectual ‘cheap and cheerful’ collection of disparate ideas based on Displacement therapy or Cognitive / Behavioural therapies like CBT or REBT which seem to be the current fad. They are cohesive and well designed courses able to meet the needs of any single client or participatory group.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Therapy
In a modern society in which competitive work, home and social environments apply huge pressure upon the individual to achieve and be accepted it is not surprising that feelings of inadequacy, alienation, weakness and impotence result in record levels of Stress and Anxiety. Stress and Anxiety have become synonymous with modern living and are seen as ‘the working disease of the modern age’. Men, women and children are cajoled and manipulated by society to place more and more significance on being socially accepted through their possessions and financial and educational achievements than ever before. People are far more aspirational than they have ever been with television and advertising emphasising the divide between people and encouraging almost compulsive behaviour with respect to possessions and status.

As part of an integrated approach to Therapy clients can discover and work with their underlying causal issues that give rise to their Stresses and Anxieties. We offer clients the opportunity to learn to relax and unwind and prioritise their needs and communicate more fully with themselves and those around them. We help clients realise what is truly important to themselves and to let go of the rest and have the courage and fortitude to be who they wish to be without need for approval from the ‘crowd’.

Telephone and Internet Services
For whatever reason, some clients find it difficult to physically attend therapeutic sessions. With this in mind and a wish to offer inclusive therapeutic services regardless of an individual’s ability to attend, we are able to offer telephone sessions or internet sessions, voice only or video linked.

Facilitated Groups
Our group facilitators are all experienced facilitators and also trained therapists experienced in working with individuals and groups. They are capable of facilitating all types of developmental groups including Support, Encounter, Process, Personal and Professional Development, Integrated and Bespoke. We are happy to discuss with you your needs and create a group specifically around those needs.

Group & Individual Training
We also specialise in delivering training courses that utilise therapeutic and psychological theories and models to help individuals to improve their personal and professional relationships, reduce anger and stress, communicate more effectively, facilitate personal and professional development and manage teams and clients. We also offer a bespoke service and are willing to design a course around your specific needs.

This type of training is offered to private individuals and groups and organisations and businesses. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.