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There is little that can be truly considered ‘original thought’ and instead most ideas are a development of ideas that came before them. This however does not diminish an individual’s work or their intellectual rights but instead lends gravitas to it in the form of a long history of individuals working separately but together contributing to the improvement of understanding. And while we may not be able to trace and attribute the origins and development of every Theory and thought contained herein; I feel that there is a moral obligation to acknowledge that we do not grow in isolation and that all contribute our journeys of understanding and personal development. This page is dedicated to recognising those that have contributed to our understanding of this subject and have inspired further thought and personal development. It will never be complete or exhaustive but it is a beginning.

Though much maligned, misunderstood and taken out of context; it cannot be denied that he is one of the most influential forces in Counselling and Psychotherapy and therefore without an understanding and appreciation of his work, a Therapist fails to have a fundamental understanding of the foundation of Therapy.
Freud, S., S.E. Vol. I
Pre-Psycho-Analytic Publications and unpublished drafts (1886-1899) (Vintage, London, 1966)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. IV
The interpretation of Dreams (1905)(Vintage, London, 1953)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. V
The interpretation of Dreams (1900-1901) (Vintage, London, 1953)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. VII
A case of Hysteria, Three Essays on Sexuality and other works (1901-1905)(Vintage, London, 1953)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XII
Case History of Schreber, Papers on Technique and other works (1911-1913)(Vintage, London, 1958)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XIV
On the History of the Psycho-Analytic Movement, Papers on Metapsychology and other works (1914-1916) (Vintage, London, 1957)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XVIII
Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Group Psychology and other works (1920-1922) (Vintage, London, 1955)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XIX
The Ego and The Id and other works (1923-1925)(Vintage, London, 1961)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XX 
An auto-biographical study Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety, Lay Analysis and other works (1925-1926) (Vintage, London, 1959)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XXI
The Future of an Illusion, Civilisation and its Discontents and other works (1927-1931) (Vintage, London, 1964)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XXIII
Moses and Monotheism, An outline of Psycho-Analysis and other works (1937-1939)(Vintage, London, 1964)

Freud, S., S.E. Vol. XXIV
Indexes and Bibliographies (Vintage, London, 1974)
This book is essential if you are to study and make sense of Freud’s work

Klein was the foremost pioneer in the field of child Psychoanalysis, contributed hugely to Object Relations and gave us such theories as “Paranoid Schizoid Position” and “Depressive Position”. Her work is insightful and brilliant.
Klein, Melanie,
Envy and Gratitude and other works 1946-1963 (London, 1975)

Klein, Melanie,
Narrative of a Child Analysis (London, 1961)

Klein, Melanie,
The Psycho-Analysis of Children (London, 1975)

Dictionaries are an essential resource of material and reference that aid study and understanding and encourage further reading.
Laplanche, J. & Pontalis, J.-B,
The Language of Psycho-Analysis (London, 1973)
In my opinion this is the best psychotherapeutic dictionary available.

Walrond-Skinner, Sue.
A Dictionary of Psychotherapy (London, 1986)

Hinshelwood, R. D.,
A Dictionary of Kleinian Thought (London, 1991)

Other Authors
Here listed are authors and their work that have either contributed to the understanding and clarification of the works of others or offered their own material for consideration or both.
Frey-Rohn, Liliane,
From Freud to Jung A Comparative Study of the Psychology of The Unconscious (Shambhala, Boston, 1974)

Segal, Hanna,
Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein (London, 1973)
Segal is a wonderful writer and well worth reading.

Likierman, Meira,
Melanie Klein: her work in context (New York, 2001)