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In this section we hope to ask and then answer questions relating to Groups, Training and Workshops that may typically be asked. By no means are we attempting to create an exhaustive list, therefore if we have not asked a question that you wish to ask or seek clarification of an answer, please feel free to contact us for that and any other reason.

Questions and Answers

A number of our therapists are either teachers or experienced trainers and group facilitators; therefore we are more than able to meet your Therapeutic training, group and workshop needs.

We currently utilise a conference facility in Newport Pagnell at which we have a permanent room and access to other rooms and therefore we can facilitate any size group. See Contact Us for details. If there is a need, we can also arrange for groups, training and workshops closer to your vicinity.

Personal development workshops and groups are designed to assist the individual in gaining a less undiluted, protective or defensive understanding of themselves, and their way of being and interacting. They aim to help people engage with their ‘Shadows’, understand and take back their projections and see through their ‘persona’ to the real individual beneath. All our Groups and Workshops are geared towards to creating gentle but challenging environments in line with the level of development and needs of the participants.

Anger Management is somewhat of a misnomer for what we offer. We do not believe in offering short term quick fixes that promote the misconception that Anger can be ‘Managed’; in fact we do not believe Anger needs ‘Managing’. Anger is the expression of a normal reaction to certain types of perceptions and stimuli which can take many forms. We aim to offer experiential and taught Therapeutic interventions that assist the individual in understanding the personal issues surrounding their Anger that turn perceptions and stimuli into ‘triggers’ of ‘Anger Episodes’. We do not aim to demonise anyone but instead offer an environment acceptance and understanding in which the individual can grow beyond their issues. There is no point to teaching people not to be angry; instead they need to know how to be angry, why they are angry and with what and perhaps whom they are angry. And thus learn to deal with their emotions and issues instead or displacing or repressing them.

We offer two types of experiential Anger Management groups; a ‘rolling 10 session course’ which is open to anyone who wishes to attend, with each session being ‘stand alone’ and independent of previous sessions. And a ‘fixed term’ 10 session closed group which uses the same material but builds more deeply on the group dynamic. Both courses are experiential in which clients learn about their own psychological processes and the nature of anger; the true causes and triggers behind their anger; and how to adjust personal perceptions of self and world to accommodate a more dynamic and confident response to others without the need for anger.

Note: There is a popular misconception amongst ‘lay people’ and some therapists which encourages the use of objects as ‘punch-bags’ for the expression of anger and aggression. This type of therapy is commonly known as ‘displacement therapy’ and it has long been discredited. Expressing anger and aggression towards ‘punch-bags’, while ‘imagining’ striking a person is, to the mind, no different from striking that person for ‘real’. This type of activity overcomes an individual’s inhibitions concerning harming others and it becomes easier to do so each time one engages in it. As such, at TonicTraining we do not offer nor engage in such bogus therapies as they are unhealthy and counterproductive. Nor do we teach people not to be angry as anger is a normal response to certain psychological processes. Instead we teach people why they are angry, how to engage with and process their issues and how to change their way of being. We offer no ‘quick fixes’, only sustainable and long term commitment to change.

These are experiential groups or ‘one to one’ sessions in which couples learn to communicate more readily and thus improve their relationships and relational depth. Couples learn about each other’s needs, and ways of communicating and how to effectively listen and express. This training is open to any form of relationship including: Couples, Management, Parents, and Siblings. This is not couples therapy it is couples training.

These are experiential groups in which we investigate the causes and expression of Stress, Anxiety, OCD and other Control issues. The group offers a managed safe environment in which the individual learns to reduce their anxiety and learn resilience, spontaneity, and self-belief.

Please feel free to email us for a written answer or alternatively call us. We are happy to discuss anything with you. Our contact details can be found in the contact us section.