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Client Counselling and Psychotherapy Experiences
Over the years that we have offered Counselling and Psychotherapy services we have had the privilege and honour to be invited to help many individuals, couples and families work through personal and interpersonal issues. We have always done our best to meet the ever changing and challenging needs of those that seek help from us and sometimes, just sometimes, after our work together is complete, some choose and then find time to send us a testimonial or recommendation.

Few of our clients realise how informative their experiences may be to others and even fewer eventually find the time in their very busy lives to write, but those that do are always appreciated and treated with great reverence. It is always a great joy to receive a message from the heart and perhaps know how people are doing long after their treatment has completed. Below are some examples of those very precious notes that we have received. Although anything that would identify the individual and breach confidentiality has been removed, All the excerpts are genuine and from real clients. We hope that you find them useful in helping you to decide a course of action or find the courage to move forward.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Milton Keynes Lilies

Milton Keynes Counselling Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety Therapy: Panic Attacks and somatized Stomach and Eating Distress
I just want to thank you for helping me overcome my anxiety issues and make massive changes in my life.

When I first came to see you I felt lost in my own mind, alone and completely helpless to do anything about it.  My stomach problems which were occurring due to my anxiety were controlling my life.

Fast forward six months, my life has completely transformed.  We talked about the sources of my anxiety and you helped me recognise very quickly where my issues stemmed from and then challenged me to question these influences, but also appreciate situations from other people’s point of view, where previously I wouldn’t have.  You were always there for me with words of advice, even when I didn’t have a session you were a phone call away.

The main factor which has helped me is not only your skill as a counsellor, but simply that you are a lovely person, who through your humour and calm approach has given me the tools to cope with my emotions and anxiety, but also help me recognise that I am an amazing person with so many good things going for me.

I have now moved out of my parent’s home, I am living with my now fiancé in our first home together and are aiming to get married by the end of the year!

I cannot recommend you enough.

Thank you so much!
...... (Late twenties male, Now happily married).

Northampton Family Counselling and Psychotherapy

Anger Management: issues damaging relationship
I have found it to be incredibly helpful and you have really helped me in understanding myself and my relationships better. ... I think you are very, very good at what you do... I may well be contacting you again in the future as the need arises – hopefully I won’t need to.... I genuinely appreciate all your help, advise and the sessions have been a pleasure rather than a chore. I will miss them.

Free Telephone Support:
A Family in Dispute (non-client seeking help)

Can’t thank you enough for the conversation tonight. You made me think and then straighten my thoughts out.

Have spoken to my older son and he seems to be quite accepting of what you have said so hopefully things will get sorted.

If I ever need a therapist you will be the man I call, and I would recommend you whole heartedly to others.

Anxiety Treatment: Anxiety damaging Relationships and Business Prospects
I After our time working together, I'm a happier and calmer person. I am enjoying my life more. My relationship is stronger and my business is doing better than ever.

You've said to me a couple of times that I did all the hard work, not you. But you provided me with the right environment and sufficient motivation to address issues I didn't really want to address. Thank you.

Family Therapy: A mother with an anxious daughter
Northampton Parent Child Counselling Quite simply, coming to work with Carlos to resolve my daughter's anxieties has provided me with a belief in myself, an empowerment to understand why people behave the way they do and why my life today has been influenced by my childhood, through addressing my feelings. This has enabled me to:

There is no doubt that this has challenged my thinking and memories as well as my resolve, but this is life long learning where cognitive therapies have failed. I cannot place a price our well being but know this has been invaluable to me, so thank you very much.'
I am glad that your door is always open - thank you.

Individual Counselling: Issues with confidence and relationships
Carlos is a therapist who has an intrinsic knowledge of human nature and has had a lot of life experience in relationships and, massively importantly, is .. a very good Counsellor, and has been for many years. So the support he gives you is very practical and sound, and works, and comes from a very genuine place. He is not there too build a business, or make money, or be your friend and tell you what you want too hear, or boost his ego by boosting yours. He is a Counsellor because he wants to help you, is very good at it. Don't expect miracles out of the blue, expect it too be hard work, but he will help you, help you understand and face up to the problem/s you are hitting, and give you the right support to work through them.

Counselling and Mindfulness Therapy: Relationship and Family Stress issues
I made the decision to see Carlos as my marriage was at a pivotal stage of make or break and we have two young children. After visiting Carlos I found it very easy to open up to him and he made me feel comfortable straight away. It almost felt like he was my teacher and I his pupil as he worked more on the basis of imparting helpful tips and knowledge but inter twining them with past and present events in my life. Not only did this help with my stress levels at home and around the family, it also gave me some clarity and comfort on my past which had been chipping away at me inside without me realising it until Carlos came along! I was very sceptical at first when I decided to see a "counsellor" but soon came to realise that he just a normal guy giving clear unbiased advice and guidance. His help will never be forgotten as he helped me hold my marriage and family together more than he realises. In the nicest possible way Carlos, thank you so much for all your guidance but I hope I never have to see you again!

Short term Mindfulness Therapy: Mild Depression
Firstly, thank you for helping me over the last few weeks and I shall, whenever the opportunity presents itself, recommend you to any of my friends.  Below is a short testimonial which you should feel free to amend accordingly.

"Thank you for a really insightful and interesting learning experience, resultant of which I am more positive and embrace each day with renewed vigour. I am a much happier person and this can only benefit not only myself but my family."

I shall have no hesitation in contacting you again should I feel it necessary.

Substance Misuse: A Mother's Perspective
I just wanted to drop you a line to say a very big thank you for the help you have given my son over the last 6 months.  He came to trust you completely and was always very keen to talk to me about some of the things you discussed.  You taught him a lot and I don't underestimate the influence you have had in such a short time.

He... has not touched methadrone since he first admitted he had a problem, ... but you have also changed his attitude to drinking.  Not that he has stopped, mind you, just that he seems to have a more grown up attitude to it.  I'm also still a bit concerned that he seems unable to be content without a girlfriend.  As you will know, he has split from his girlfriend, which he has dealt with amazing well, but is already seeing someone else.  Hey ho, I guess that could be considered normal for a 22 year old man!

Suffice to say he seems to have matured, become more circumspect and more interested in pursuit of his own happiness instead of constantly pleasing others.

I've been a bit cynical about counselling in the past and came to you in desperation but I can honestly say that I feel every penny was well spent and it has been a huge support to both my son and I knowing that you were there for him to turn to if and when he needed it.

Thank you again.

Anger Management: Fear of confrontations leading to Anger episodes
I thank you very much for your help over these past months helping to deal with my anger issues. I must say I feel able to deal with my anger now and better understand myself .

Individual Counselling: Personal issues
Carlos was a great help during a very difficult time for me. I was quite nervous at first but his direct & honest approach helped me see my situation in a more positive & constructive light. I’m not normally very good at talking about personal issues but with Carlos I felt comfortable discussing problems I wouldn’t bother even friends & family with. I would highly recommend him.

Individual Counselling: Personal and Relational issues
I To be honest I could probably bang on all day about how great you are... I really can’t quantify how much my life has improved since I first contacted you two years ago. I am happier, healthier and far more content with my life and my relationships than ever before. Without your help I dread to think where I would be now and I can’t thank you enough.

Individual Counselling: Physical and Sexual childhood abuse
I can honestly say I feel so much better... I have learnt to handle my issues and not run away from them, I don't break down anymore in tears when asked about my past and I can discuss my past with anyone. Its still a long journey ahead and I am by no means better and there are still issues to face. But I am so much stronger now thanks to my counselling. My life is worth living and I feel valued in myself. All I can say is thank God I met Carlos. If I hadn't then eventually one of my suicide attempts would have been successful. ....... (62 year old Male... It is never too late to seek help).

Individual Counselling: Bereavement, Anxiety and Agoraphobia
Thanks for all the time and help you have given me.
...... (15 year old young man who's father died abroad... Now living happy 'Normal' life out in the world).

Anger Management Course: Anger ruining relationships and Employment
I would like to put on record how impressed I have been with your Anger Management Course.

I believe that you have really helped make a difference to me and the way I feel about myself.

Your program, and especially your personal encouragement, have made what at first, seemed a daunting task, into something I felt able to Achieve.

I will always be grateful for your help.
......(Female in thirties).

Anger and Anxiety Therapy:
I want to thank you for being my counsellor over the past few months. You have shown me your understanding and patience and a marvellous ability to listen, but most of all your compassionate love. Being non-judgemental, you have never spoken out of turn with me at any point.

I remember the first time I came to see you; I did not care at that point about my life in any way, but over the next couple of months, I saw myself as a new person, almost like being born again. I know to love myself and forgive myself and I have confidence and self-worth and I now see the future in a very different light.

And if course, it was your ability as a counsellor to bring me through all of this. You have such a natural skill and such an understanding of humanity. It has been very hard work on my part, but I am now at peace with myself.

I wish you every success in your future as a counsellor, and also believe that this will bring many people to be set free and live as they were meant to be. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and may peace and love follow you the rest of the days of your life.

Anxiety Therapy and Life Mentoring
Carlos is the fourth therapist I’ve seen in my life and he's far and away the best. Unlike some, he doesn't ‘keep on going over the past’. Instead, we spoke about my current problems, looked at how my past experiences were affecting my thoughts and behaviours, and found a way forward together.
He's intellectually vigorous- he calls you out on any false negative beliefs you hold, and explains complicated ideas using fun stories that you can picture, that really stay with you. When times were hard, Carlos was a strong guiding light. When times were good, he shared my happiness. Above all, he taught me to trust and respect my own emotions. I feel that he could offer useful advice on almost any topic, from techniques for managing your difficult boss to car mechanics! It's easy to forget how far you've come, but I'm ten times happier now, and living my life with much more purpose and gusto,  thanks to having such a wise and dedicated person in my life.
......(Female in late twenties now with an impressive change of employment and move to London).

More to come
More client testimonials to come.

More to come
More client testimonials to come.

More to come
More client testimonials to come.