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Canterbury Counselling & Psychotherapy
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Canterbury Psychotherapy and Counselling

Contact a Canterbury Counsellor
Canterbury Counsellor Bob Chsholm + Anger Management + Depression & Anxiety Specialist
Bob Chisholm is always happy to receive your telephone calls, texts and emails and will assist you in whatever way he can.
(Please note that all Counselling service enquiries are treated with respect and considered confidential).
Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy services plus Anger Management available at £40 per hour appointment.
For more information on Fees and Concessions and conditions of service; please visit our Fees and Terms & Conditions page.
            Tel: (No land line at the moment as Bob has just returned to the area)
            Mob: 0784 763 7764
            Counsellor Profile: See Bob's mini profile below

Please Note:
To ensure from start to finish that your experience of TonicTalk Canterbury Counselling is helpful and professional we only permit counsellors or psychotherapists to answer your counselling enquiries either by telephone, text or email. However, as a very successful and popular counselling and psychotherapy service, a practitioner may not be immediately available to answer the telephone. Therefore, please be patient and leave a clear message and someone, who can assist you, will return your call as soon as possible. It is better to get the therapist you choose rather than just the first to answer the telephone.
Counsellor contact details and addresses page.

Canterbury Counselling & Psychotherapy Location Map

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Summary
Bob Chisholm's counselling consultation room is situated in the very heart of Canterbury and is easily accessed by road, foot or public transport. Bob is returning to Canterbury after a long absence and is migrating his successful private practice from Leicester to Canterbury and hopes to enjoy great success in the provision to high quality counselling and psychotherapy services to the local community.

            Concorde House Clinic
            26a Stour Street
            CT1 2NZ

Private Counselling and Psychotherapy offers you Privacy, Choice and Confidentiality, Professionalism, Flexibility, Bespoke services, and an integrated opportunity to change your life forever. You and your family deserve Good health, Peace, Happiness and Well-being and TonicTalk Counselling and Psychotherapy are here to help you achieve that goal.

  • Dedicated Full-time professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Service
  • Flexible: All day appointments; Morning, Afternoon through to late Evening appointments to suite you.
  • Private and Confidential Service.
    • Please note: All services accessed via GP or NHS are recorded on your permanent health record which can be accessed by employers, insurers and courts. This is not the case with TonicTalk Counselling services.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Benefits

  • Improve your Emotional, Psychological and Relational well-being
  • Improve communication and your ability to relate to others
  • Achieve the home life you have always wanted
  • Improve confidence and self worth
  • Improve career prospects and financial stability
  • Get the best out of life and its opportunities
Counselling Services and Catchment area
• Counselling • Psychotherapy • Depression therapy • Anger Management • Anxiety treatments • Substance Misuse •
Career consultation and advice • Life coaching • Personal, Professional and Spiritual development • Mentoring •
and much more besides

• Canterbury • Hernhill • Sturry • Hersden • Wigham • Littlebourne • Petham • Chartham • Blean • Chilham • Lower Hardres • Broardoak • Bridge • Waltham • Faversham • Wickhambreaux • Ash •
All are within easy reach of Bob's Canterbury Counselling office.
See Contact a Canterbury Counsellor for more details.
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Anger Management Expert

Anger Management in Canterbury

Bob is an Anger Management specialists who is a fully trained and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with years of experience in helping people of any age, gender and background overcome Anger Management issues. He can help people resolve:

• Aggression and Passive Aggression
• Controlling, Sulking, Quick temperedness, Resentments and Petulance
• Throwing or breaking objects, and damaging property
• Shouting and Verbal abuse
• Physical, emotional and psychological abuse
• Domestic Violence
• Co-dependant relationships

Helping Victims of Abuse and Domestic Violence
Aggression, Violence, and threatening and bullying behaviours are common to families, couples, friendships, work places and society as a whole. From childhood through to adulthood, many individuals suffer Physical, Emotional and Sexual abuse, bullying and harassment and this , for the most part, has long term effects on lives and relationships. Bob as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor is dedicated and experienced in working sensitively to help people rebuild self­esteem and healthy lives and relationships.

Domestic Violence Canterbury

Effective Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety and Depression Canterbury

The vast majority of people suffer from mild to severe anxiety and it is often a complex pervasive emotional, psychological and behavioural issue that can damage one's joy in life and ruin relationships. Anxiety includes the extremes of Panic Attacks, Phobias, OCD and GAD and despite being ostensibly ineffectual at resolving causation and having side-effects, G.P.s continue offer Anti-Anxiety medication not as symptom management along side Psychotherapy to achieve resolution of the issue but as a stand-alone treatment. Counselling and Psychotherapy, with or without medication, offers one of the few viable long term sustainable solutions and Bob has great success in assisting individuals to overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD and GAD.

Depression Counselling
Depression can take many forms, both long-term and short-term, and again, these are often treated with antidepressants which only manage symptoms. Without the prospect of a real sustainable solution individuals can find themselves taking antidepressants for decades without any hope of improving their lives. However, Counselling and Psychotherapy, when provided by and expert like Bob, brings long term sustainable relief and can change an individual's life.

Depression Therapies Canterbury

Counselling and Psychotherapy Fees from £40
Bob has a simple Counselling and Psychotherapy fee structure. However, for those in financial difficulty, 'non-means-tested' concessions are available upon request. Fees are payable in full in advance or at the beginning or end of the session. Cash, cheques or advance direct transfer are the only acceptable means of payment.

Fee Structure:

All services provided by Bob are bound by TonicTalk’s terms and conditions and in utilising, employing or accepting any service provided by Bob you also agree to abide by TonicTalk's terms and conditions. TonicTalk also reserves the right to change our terms and conditions without consultation or notice. For more information on Counselling Fees and Terms and Conditions of service; please visit our Counselling Service Fees and Terms & Conditions page.
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Therapist Profiles
Counselling in Canterbury Transparency, openness, honesty and choise are four of the most important qualities of a good Psychotherapy and Counselling practice. Therefore, TonicTalk partner and associate counsellors do their utmost to provide as much information as they can to assist clients im making informed decisions. To this end, we include personal profiles for every therapist so that potential clients may discover a little about each therapist before they commit to anything. Please understand that our counsellorss are better therapists than self biographers and that it is difficult to write anything concerning oneself without it sounding vein, arrogant or clichéd.

“An analyst [counsellor or psychotherapist] can help his patient just so far as he himself has gone and not a step farther. …. with patients who got ‘stuck’ with their previous analysts and this always happened at the point where the analyst could make no further progress with himself.”
            ‘The Realities of Practical Psychotherapy’, paragraph 545. 1937
            Carl G Jung (founder of analytical psychology).

Also, as above, we strongly believe that each counsellor’s and psychotherapist’s personal development is key to their client work and their ability to counsel their clients and therefore it must be ongoing. ‘How can a therapist help others if he cannot help herself’? Each of our counsellors has, as part of their training, attended long term psychotherapy and counselling and are on personal journeys of their own that require them to develop the compassion, courage and honesty to face themselves; their behaviours, feelings, thoughts, mistakes and shortcomings. As such, they are all able to understand and assist with the individual difficulties of therapy and the fears and frustrations that we must all face when changing and moving forward.
Psychotherapy and Counselling profile pages
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Bob Chisholm’s Mini Counselling Profile

Canterbury Psychotherapist Bob Chsholm

Diploma Counselling
MA (Master of Arts degree: Religious Studies)
Service Area: Canterbury
Given his lifelong interest in psychology and his strong belief in the possibility of positive change, counselling is a natural vocation for Bob Chisholm. Before becoming a counsellor, Bob taught yoga for a number of years and spent a year in India studying under the late Sri Pattabhi Jois. But as a counsellor and meditator, what most fascinates him now is taking the insights of Buddhist psychology and adapting them for counselling. Bob holds a diploma in counselling from the Tariki Trust in Leicestershire and is continuing his training with Tariki in psychotherapy. He also holds an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Kent at Canterbury and continues to read widely in psychology, philosophy and religion. Bob contributes book reviews to Self & Society, the journal of Humanistic psychotherapy. He is also co-editing a book on psychology and spiritual experience. In May, he will be delivering his paper, The Buddhadharma as Psychotherapy, at the UN sponsored 2014 Vesak Conference of Buddhist scholars in Vietnam.

Read Bob’s counselling profile.
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Bob favours a pragmatic approach to counselling and believes that it should bring improvement to the lives of people who come seeking help. But he also believes that counselling can help someone become more open to changes that at first might not seem like probable solutions. “The complaints that take us into counselling and therapy may feel like problems that need to be solved on the terms in which we understand them,” he says, “but it may be the terms of understanding themselves that are the actual problems.”
Bob, over the years, has successfully provided counselling and psychotherapy services to a variety of different peoples from differing backgrounds with a range beliefs and experiences to help resolve a huge variety of common to complex issues. Bob is an Integrative Buddhist and Jungian style Psychotherapist who is able and willing to work with you and any presenting issues.

Key Points

  • Counselling modality: Integrative Jungian style Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychotherapy
  • Fully qualified, experiences, highly skilled and indemnified
  • Conscientious and Dedicated
  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor experience
    • Tariki Trust Counsellor
    • Member of BACP
    • Three years extensive experience
    • Hundreds of client hours
    • Private practice
    • Experience of Common to Complex issues
  • Experience of working with
    • Individual Adults
    • Any race, creed, gender, belief or sexual orientation
  • Practice catchment area
    • Canterbury
  • Dedicated to continual Personal and professional development
  • Other Experience
    • Pastoral care - Public School House Master
    • Teacher - Meditation and Yoga
Counselling Services
• Individual Psychotherapy • Individual Counselling •
• Anxiety Treatments • Depression Therapy • Mindfulness •
• Psychotherapeutic Dream Analysis • Abuse Counselling •
• Buddhist Psychotherapy • and much more besides.

Bob’s experience includes
• Depression • Anxiety • Relationship Issues • low self worth •
• Bereavement • Childhood Abuse • Bulling • Spousal abuse •
• Physical / Emotional / Sexual / Psychological abuse •
• Abandonment issues • Panic attacks • and much more besides.
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Professional Testimonial: “Bob is an excellent Counsellor and Psychotherapist and we believe that he will be a great asset to Canterbury and the local community.”

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Anger Management
Many people suffer from anger issues

Fees, Terms and Conditions
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Counselling Testimonials
"I have found it to be incredibly helpful and you have really helped me in understanding myself and my relationships better..."

"...I would recommend you whole heartedly to others..."

"After our time working together, I'm a happier and calmer person. I am enjoying my life more. My relationship is stronger and my business is doing better than ever...

"...The main factor which has helped me is not only your skill as a counsellor, but simply that you are a lovely person..."

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