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TonicTalk is a partnership of therapeutic professionals dedicated to offering clients a range of high quality, competitively priced Counselling and Psychoanalytic therapeutic services. 

  • Resolve personal, relational and work based issues.
  • Achieve Good Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • Achieve Healthy, Genuine, Sustainable change within their relationships and life as a whole
  • Review unhealthy and unhelpful belief and value structures and replace them with or adapt them to something more inline with client needs
  • Become more able to adapt to life’s constant changes
  • Believe in their own abilities and resources and take responsibility for themselves rather than feel victimised by others and life
  • Understand themselves and their relationships and through that understanding become proactive individuals who make choices rather than reactive individuals at the mercy of circumstance
  • Become more powerful

Also, we aim to provide you with the best possible Psychological Therapeutic services and information relating psychological care.

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Most people, more often than not maintain unhelpful or damaging beliefs, and values that shape their relationships and lives. These ‘belief structures’ are formed early in life through formative relationships. Through these early relationships we become alienated from ourselves in an attempt to adapt to the needs of others to satisfy our needs for ‘approval’ and therefore become disempowered and disenfranchised believing that others have the ability to determine how we feel and react and that life is in some way something that is done to us rather than something that we take part in.

Most react to these feelings of alienation, disempowerment and need by creating and maintaining disparaging or idealised views of themselves either labelling themselves as being inadequate, unworthy or defective in some way or self-sufficient, unassailable, powerful, or perfect. Our feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and fear lead us to use coping strategies to help us ‘feel better’ in which we abdicate responsibility and power to others or groups, create transactional relationships or rituals in the hope that they will provide for our needs, repress and deny our true feelings, use substances, sex, or material goods to temporarily alleviate discomfort or create façades or personas that ‘protect’ us and allow us to deal with life and relationships in a ‘safe’ and ‘sanitised’ protected from these feelings. These belief structures and coping strategies tend to be rigid and unable to deal with the rigors and dynamism of life and its ever changing circumstances and events. Eventually these structures and strategies collide with life causing difficulties for the individual.

If you feel that your life and your thoughts and feelings cold be more helpful, productive, connected, and happier and would like to make changes in your life or gain a better understanding for yourself, then perhaps Therapy or Counselling may be of use to you.

Our Practitioners
All our practitioners are qualified experienced professional therapists dedicated to providing the best possible services and care for their clients. As required in professional standards set out by the various governing bodies; all our counsellors are professionally supervised to ensure the safety of the clients, the quality of service and that they always practice ethically in the best interest of the client.

None of our practitioners are psychiatrists and therefore none will prescribe pharmaceuticals as a solution to your needs. Generally, we believe and studies have shown that it is the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor that is at the heart the therapeutic process that promotes growth and change in a client. And that this relationship and its benefits cannot be achieved through the consumption of Pharmaceuticals. Only in extreme cases are pharmaceuticals necessary to control symptoms and only under these circumstances will a client be referred to their G.P. or their Community Mental Health Team.    

The name ‘TonicTalk’
Anything that is emotionally, spiritually, mentally, morally or physically uplifting, inspiring, improving, energising, renewing, refreshing, or invigorating.

To communicate, exchange ideas and information through speech. To express oneself. To consult or confer with an advisor.

A spoken interaction that promotes emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical health and wellbeing.