Suzanne's Counselling Profile
• Milton Keynes • Newport Pagnell • Luton • Wellingborough • Bedford •
• Individual Counselling • Relationship Coaching • Anger Management Specialist • Anxiety & Depression Specialist •


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Northampton Counsellor Suzanne

Contact Details

Tel: 01933358739 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 0783 778 4663

Personal Philosophy
Suzanne believes in the dignity and worth of all and that wellbeing, and personal growth and transformation is the fundamental goal of all people and that this can be achieved through mindfulness, tolerance, self knowledge, self exploration, self acceptance and active personal development. Psychotherapy and Counselling offer the individual, couples and families the opportunity to not only explore their emotional and psychological content and their relational selves in a healthy, non-judging and safe environment, but also assistance in changing 'life scripts' and habitual ways of being and relating, and a chance to overcome or resolve issues that reduce the quality of life and relationships.  

Spiritual Philosophy: Spiritualist

Client Feedback

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Independent Practitioner

Personal Summary
Suzanne is a fully qualified and indemnified Psychotherapist, and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, (MBACP). She has worked as a Therapist since February 2007 and subsequently has hundreds of clinical hours experience working with a diverse range of clients, with a wide range of issues. Suzanne is also a enthusiastic and experienced adult and senior school teacher and has been teaching GCSE and A’Levels for over 12 years and as such is a highly skilled trainer and communicator. As part of Suzanne’s religious beliefs she is a fully trained CSNU Platform Medium providing comfort and spiritual guidance to the many congregations she serves.

Suzanne as a Person and a Therapist
Suzanne recognises Personal Development and Growth as key elements of Psychotherapy and thus aims to provide an environment for her clients in which free expression and self exploration and growth are unhindered or restricted by Judging, Rejection or Retaliation. Suzanne is an open, supportive, compassionate and understanding Psychotherapist who is capable of offering the most profound of insights. She offers her clients an opportunity to see themselves beyond the ordinary, their problems and insecurities and grasp at the possibility of being something new, uplifted, courageous and resilient and able to work through their most difficult of issues and fears.

Therapeutic Model
Suzanne is an Integrative Jungian Psychotherapist; she has chosen to integrate a number of compatible Psychotherapeutic theories and practices into a cohesive and dynamic model of practice that allows her to work within each client’s individual frame of reference. Her model of practice is based on Jungian and post Jungian theories and others which are compatible because she believes that a rounded and inclusive approach, rather that ‘reductionist’ methodology, is more congruent with a client’s true self and needs and conducive with the personal growth necessary to grow beyond issues.