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Counselling Fees, Terms and Conditions


By accepting or engaging with any form of service provided by TonicTalk, its agents, associates or employees including,, but not limited to: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Anger management, Mentoring, Coaching, Guidance, Advising, Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Seminars and Workshops, provided either in person or via email, telephone, text, or over the internet provided to individuals, couples, friends, family, groups, colleagues or business parters, you agree, without exception, to abide by and uphold any and all terms and conditions and pay all fees and costs as outlined below without exception.


General Fee Structure
TonicTalk provides privately funded Therapeutic Services. The majority of our clients are self funding choosing to give a high priority to their personal Psychological and Emotional well-being as well as their Personal and Professional Development. As a partnership, we are dedicated to providing quality affordable services and therefore consider our fee structure key to that provision.

  • Individual Counselling:
    • Monday to Friday, £50 per hour
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £80 per hour
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £90 per hour
  • Anger Management and Resolution:
    • Monday to Friday, £50 per hour
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £80 per hour
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £90 per hour
  • Anxiety and Depression Therapy:
    • Monday to Friday, £50 per hour
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £80 per hour
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £90 per hour
  • Individual Parenting help:
    • Monday to Friday, £50 per hour
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £80 per hour
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £90 per hour
  • Couples Counselling:
    • Monday to Friday, £80 per 75 minute appointment
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £100 per 75 minute appointment
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £120 per 75 minute appointment
  • Parent and Child:
    • Monday to Friday, between 5:00pm and 9:30pm, £80 per 75 minute appointment
    • Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £100 per 75 minute appointment
    • Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £120 per 75 minute appointment

Additional Fees

  • Our Court Fees apply to: Any and all involvement with civil and or criminal Court actions, including, but not limited to, any and all contact with solicitors and or barristers and their representatives or any other forms of legal personnel or representative either in person, in writing, va telecommunications and or electronically, and or any and all preparation work, appearances and travel. These fees are payable by any and all clients involved in such cases who directly or indirectly involve TonicTalk and any of its employees, regardless of who instigates such an action, including all third parties.
    • Court Fees: £150 per hour weekdays between 8am and 7pm.
    • All Court Fees are to be paid with an advance of £500 on account per appointment; the remainder to be settled via invoice within seven days.
  • Attendance letters and certificates: £80 per document.
  • Written Assessments: £80 per hour

Unless in emergency circumstances and at the desecration of the therapist, 48 hour's notice is required for a client to cancel or change an ordinary appointment otherwise the full appointment fee is payable. Extended appointments, Group appointments, Courses and all Court related arrangements, once agreed, cannot be changed and therefore all fees remain payable and are non-refundable regardless of cancellation or non-attendance. We reserve the right to recover any and all outstanding fees by whatever means we deem necessary and any and all costs incurred in so doing are also payable in addition to the outstanding fees themselves.
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Anger Management Fees
We offer three forms of Anger Management; Group, Intensive and One to One. Our Anger Management specialist is a fully qualified Therapist with years of Anger Management experience. We do not daemonise, judge or punish individuals with Anger Management issues. Instead we consider Anger Management issues as a manifest symptom of a personal emotional or psychological issue that can be resolved with a counselling. Our fee structure is as follows.

One to One Anger Management
This service can be integrated into Therapy or offered as a fixed term contract. As such, its fee structure is the same as that for Therapy and is available at all our venues. Please see Therapy fees above.

Intensive One to One Anger Management
Our Intensive Anger Management courses consist of a one week two hour daily appointment, (non-evening), followed by weekly follow-up appointments. This service is intended to quickly diffuse volatile situations and quickly begin a process of personal responsibility, accountability and change. One week intensive anger management course fee: £400 payable in advance.

Group Anger Management
Please note: Group Anger Management is only offered at our Newport Pagnell Venue.

  • £650 for an intensive two day weekend course (Maximum group size is ten)
  • As is standard with all courses, the Fee is payable in advance and non-refundable
  • No other discounts or concessions are available

Fee and Service conditions

  • All clients will endeavour to arrive prior to commencement of classes and be ready to work when classes begin.
  • All Clients, Therapists and Trainers are entitled to a safe work environment. Any Disruptive, Destructive, Threatening or Violent behaviour may result in exclusion or termination of contract without recompense or refund.
  • Any assault on staff or client or destruction of property will be reported to the Police.
  • If client attendance becomes irregular and disruptive, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without refund.
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Group Work
Dependant on need, we periodically run Support and development groups of our own or we can facilitate, support or lead groups begun by others. Our fees for groups are variable dependant upon numbers attending, length of sessions, number of meetings, type of group being facilitated or lead and the amount of preparation needed. As always, we aim to keep our rates reasonable and affordable, therefore, for a no pressure, friendly, no obligation costing please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can effectively cater for them.

Training, Seminars and Workshops
We are therapeutic professionals who specialise in offering psychological training to assist individuals in their personal, relational and professional development. We have standard courses and can also modify courses or write bespoke courses to meet your specific needs. Again, considering the varied nature of courses, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and for a no obligation costing.
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Terms and Conditions

By accepting or engaging with any service provided by TonicTalk Ltd., its employees, associates or agents you accept and agree to be bound by the Fees, and Terms and Conditions as outlined in this document (Internet site page). TonicTalk reserves the right to change or update fees, terms and conditions without prior notice or consultation.

Since all outcomes with respect to all Counselling and Psychotherapy services provided by TonicTalk and its employees, associates and agents are significantly dependant upon the client or clients and their level of engagement, input and the severity of the presenting issues, it is not possible, in good conscience, for a counsellor or psychotherapist to make any form of guarantee with respect the outcome of any counselling service offered. Therefore, TonicTalk, its employees, associates and agents make no guarantees whatsoever, either expressed or implied with respect to outcomes for any work undertaken. Any and all mention or discussion with respect to outcomes, including but not limited to, quality, time scales, and relational and personal change or development are to be considered strictly as the opinion and best guess of the counsellor or psychotherapist concerned and therefore do form a guarantee or any part of a contract, either expressed or implied.

Standards of behaviour
TonicTalk endeavours offer a safe Counselling and Psychotherapy environment in which a client or clients may work through psychologically, emotionally and relationally difficult material. Clients are welcome to freely express verbally their emotional content and emote without fear of judgement or sanction. This includes, crying, swearing and raising their voice. However, the environment will be maintained as safe for both therapist and client alike and therefore any form of 'acting-out' will be sanctioned and referred to the police for prosecution. This includes any and all overtly threatening behaviours, harassment, physical assault and or damage to property. TonicTalk Ltd. will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and seek damages with respect to any and all assaults on their employees, associates or representatives. TonicTalk will also seek compensation for any damage to any of its counselling consultation rooms or their content. Any client involved in such unlawful actions or any client who accidentally damages the property of TonicTalk, its employees, associates or agents agrees to pay:

  • for repair and restoration of any damage done to a consultation room or building
  • for replacement (new for old) of damaged or stolen goods or furnishings
  • £400 per day compensation to TonicTalk while room repairs take place
  • £400 per day compensation the victim during any convalescence subsequent to an assault
  • the above fees associated with respect to any and all court appearances (£100 per hour)
  • an unspecified amount to be set by a court with respect to damages for any physical or psychological harm caused
  • any and all expenses and fees incurred with respect to private medical care
  • any and all court and legal expenses.
TonicTalk and its employees, partners, associates and representatives will endeavour to maintain confidentiality with respect to personal materials and information shared during counselling appointments. However, confidentiality is limited under law.

Fee and Service conditions
  • Once booked all sessions are chargeable, unless 48 hour notice of cancellation is given.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the contract if the client attendance becomes irregular.
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Documents and Letters for Courts and Court Appearances
All documents, past and present, provided by TonicTalk, its employees, associates or agents, herein henceforth known as Document or Documents, remain the property and copyright © of the author or authors and of TonicTalk Ltd. No Document may be reproduced in part or in whole without express written permission. Also, no part or parts of a Document may be reproduced out of context so as to distort meaning or give false impression.

Any individual or agent of an organisation, with or without consent, who presents or submits a Document or Documents in part or whole, to a court, court employee or representative of a court, or to any petty involved in a court case or legal dispute, in so doing agrees to be bound by and pay the following fees without exception and to indemnify TonicTalk Ltd and its agents against any and all consequential expenses and losses with respect to that court.

Fees: All work undertaken or time spent with respect to any court without exception, including but not limited to, preparation, presentation, writing, travel and appearance, is chargeable at 100 per hour. Furthermore, any and all court appearances are subject to a minimum individual charge of 500 payable in advance of each appearance.

Furthermore, any action undertaken by a client, past or present, or an agent acting on their behalf or a third party involved in a dispute with a client, past or present, or an agent of said third party that results in an employee, associate or agent of TonicTalk Ltd. being requested or obliged to attend court or undertake any work with respect to a court, the afore mentioned client agrees to pay the above fees.
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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all invoices and outstanding fees are payable within 30 days from the date on the invoice. Thereafter, all outstanding sums are chargeable at a further rate 10% per 30 days, Pro-rata, on the outstanding sum. Any and all outstanding monies that continued to go unpaid after 60 days of the date shown on the invoice will, where necessary, be forcibly recovered by the courts or agents of the courts and any and all costs and fees incurred in pursuing said recovery will become chargeable and form part of the outstanding sum.

Fee Paying

Privately Funded Counselling and Psychotherapy
TonicTalk provides privately funded Therapeutic Services. The majority of our clients are self funding choosing to give a high priority to their personal Psychological, Emotional and Relational well-being. If you are unsure as to the value of paying for therapy, what follows are some thoughts on the subject.

While therapy is by no means a ‘cheap’ option, it is a matter of priorities and values. For a good many individuals there is money available for Cigarettes and Alcohol, entertaining, and holidays and frippery such as household and personal gadgetry, and ‘designer’ items and sadly little or no money available for personal or familial health care. We believe that personal and familial emotional and psychological health care needs be a priority for all of us if we wish to live a full and healthy life. Peace, happiness, joy, healthy relationships, well-being, self worth and love are within the grasp of everyone and there is no real need to suffer, be unhappy or feel unloved or unworthy. With the help of a trained Therapeutic Counsellor or Psychotherapist you can achieve your goals and have the personal and familial life you desire and deserve. What price do you place on your and your family’s happiness and well-being?

To date, regardless of the financial and social impact the NHS places little priority on mental health and offers only pharmaceutical solutions or limited Therapeutic care mostly in the hands of unprofessional charities. Therefore self funded Therapeutic care is something worth considering for a number of reasons:

  • Choice: You pay, and You choose. You do not have to put up with unprofessional and inappropriate services.
  • Professionalism:In the UK the law requires that gas appliances and gas central heating systems are installed, maintained and serviced by properly trained, qualified and indemnified professional gas fitters and engineers, however, this is not the case with respect to your psychological, emotional and relational health. Anyone can ‘dabble’ in mental health and can even claim to be a Counsellor or Psychotherapist without training, qualification or insurance. While well intentioned non-professional charitable organisations are free or low priced; is your mental health of more or less importance or significance than your central heating system? Which will have a greater affect on your life a central heating breakdown or a mental health breakdown? We believe that your psychological, emotional and relational health are significant and extremely important and affects all aspects of your life and your family’s life including happiness, relationships and careers. Your mental health and well-being deserves the care, respect and priority that only Professionals can offer. Professional care from Professional Therapists who are experienced, properly trained, qualified, indemnified and members of professional associations and dedicated to you.
  • Quality:Life is filled with uncertainties and never more so than with respect to the quality of services offered by others. It is a false economy to risk your time, relationships, career and mental health by engaging with services where quality is not assured and you have no choice. By engaging with a Professional Therapist you reduce risk, increase quality, and have choice. Why suffer second rate services when you do not have to?
  • The Relationship:While to the government charity seems to be key to social care in the UK; with respect to Counselling and Psychotherapy non payment for services is inappropriate and can create issues within the Therapeutic Relationship. It can create inequality in the Therapeutic relationship; lead to resentment by clients at having to feel beholding to their Therapist; oblige clients to be ‘nice’ to their Therapists and meet their Therapists needs for value and approval; recreate previous unhealthy relationships; force clients to accept low quality services and much more besides.
  • Health Records: It is worth considering the effect that Therapy recorded on your G.P.’s records can have. All referrals by your G.P. and private medical care are recorded and form part of your health record. This record can effect your employment and insurance. Many employers, especially high stress, and high power jobs and the armed forces or emergency services ask for health records and although employment law prohibits prejudice. Realistically, this does not prevent employers making judgements and choosing not employing an individual because of what they find in their records. Sadly, society is still prejudiced against people who have suffered any form of mental illness or have had Therapy and this is regardless of the fact that the vast majority of people have and continue to suffer unnecessarily. This is generally the case because our attitude is Victorian and we feel shame and embarrassment at ourselves and others for being ‘weak’ and not keeping a ‘stiff upper lip’.
  • Confidentiality: Self referred; self funded Therapy is private between you and your Therapist. Only the law or a court can force disclosure.
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‘Free’ Services
Within the UK, charging for and therefore paying for therapeutic services seems to go against the grain for many individuals especially considering the culture of a ‘free health service’ and numerous charitable organisations also offering ‘free’ services. While undoubtedly there are a number of free services out there that you may be able to access; one need consider what is on offer and if accessing it is appropriate to your needs.

Sadly, Mental Health and personal well-being in the UK is currently a low priority for government and Health officials and has been for many years and will continue to be so and this is regardless of the well documented and publicised effects that this has on family life, industry and the economy. The best that government and the NHS seems to offer is either care through charitable organisations run by well intentioned ‘do-gooders’ or ‘cheap and cheerful’ short term ‘cognitive behavioural’ or ‘solution focussed’ therapies.

Consider this:

  • How important to you is your mental heath and personal well being?
  • Can you afford to risk your well being to well intentioned ‘do-gooders’ or over stretched and under resourced NHS Mental Health services?
  • What are your priorities?
  • How does your peace of mind and mental well being affect your relationships, your family life, your earning capacity, your emotional health, your ability to enjoy your life, and your general physical health?

While a number of services offered here may seemingly be available ‘free’ elsewhere through charitable institutions and other non-statutory and statutory organisations, one needs to be mindful of the quality and quantity and limitations of what is being offered. As with all things, including health services, there are two sides; not all professionals are the same and not all services are the same. There is always a range from effective and helpful to ineffective and unhelpful. We believe that the services we offer are both effective and helpful. (Please read client testimonies found with Therapist profiles). 

Also, when considering using services, one need consider that one not only spends money or not, as the case may be, but also that one always spends time and energy.

  • Is what is being offered of a sufficiently professional therapeutic quality to meet your very specific needs, to make your time investment worthwhile?
  • Can you afford to waste valuable time in speculating as to the quality of a service?
  • Can you afford to put your well being, the well being of those that depend on you, your relationships, and your career on hold while you investigate through trial and error as to the ‘usefulness’ of services?
  • Can your situation tolerate you investing your time, week in and week out waiting for a therapeutic service to bare fruit?
  • Can you afford to gamble with your health and well being?

Where your health and happiness is concerned, can you afford to invest in anything less than the best you can find?

While there are no ‘guarantees’ in life, engaging a professional qualified therapist with a proven track record and evidence to back that record, who is dedicated to meeting your agenda and needs and not the agenda and needs of a third party organisation, is without doubt a safer bet than doing otherwise. Many people spend time, energy and money on ‘Retail Therapy’, ‘unproven Alternative therapies’, ‘fortune telling’, ‘Therapeutic Socialising’, and some even turn to substance misuse, all to temporarily alleviate or anaesthetise stress, anger, depression, anxiety, worthlessness, futility, loneliness, frustration, unhappiness, etc.. Here is an opportunity to direct that time and energy and a relatively small percentage of those funds towards help with a proven track record and long lasting sustainable results.

We see therapy as investing in oneself, one’s family and one’s future. With personal issues resolved or come to terms with, one is always better placed to deal with life, create and maintain healthier relationships and interactions, feel better, improve one’s earning potential and lower expenditure. Also, personal development offers the opportunity of a healthier, peaceful and more productive existence.

However, in the end, it is your life and your choice to make and we will always respect your decisions.
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